Thursday, January 14, 2010

January GOG - Cafe Portofino

Seven us ate at Cafe Portofino today, 970 Rivers St, Boone, NC 28607 - Lyn, Pan, EllenJo, Kathy, Claudia, Dee, and Joanna. We've decided to also set up member specialties such as:
Pan = the classic reuben
Lyn = soups and coffee
EllenJo = vegetarian dishes
Dot = wine
Suzanne = coming soon
Linda = coming soon
Kathy = coming soon
Claudia = coming soon
Dee = desserts
Joanna = appetizers
Be sure to check out our video

How many dog bones would you give it? 1 to 5?
Joanna - For Boone, I'd give it 5 dog bones, a nice spot to stop and have a good meal. For an appetizer, Pan ordered and passed around some bread knots that were dripping in butter, I could've tied on a bib and eaten a bowl of 'em. For the main course, I got the ravioli with a marina meat sauce, and I'd certainly order it again. Service was very good. I tasted a piece of Lyn's Portobella Sandwich and it was also delicious.
Thursday Feb 18th = McAdoo's
Thursday Mar 11th = Melanies